Limbo Is So NOT What I a Thought


In my younger, before my mother died, days, I was raised Catholic. Of course I went to catechism and had my first communion and went through the many rites of passage affiliated with the church. In addition, my mother spent hours reminding or teaching me about our faith. One of which is Limbo. So her language and her interpretation are what I remember.

Limbo is the place where you go before heaven. It is a waiting area-so to speak. The way she made it sound, it had the potential for the makings of a great people watching adventure. Even then the young writer in me oohed. Imagine all the material one could gain.

Fast forward 20+ years. I am in a living limbo. At the beginning of my adventure and already stuck between two places. My friends had the goodbye parties, hugs happened and we waved adieu.

Then we realized that remodeling project, on both ends, was going to take longer than projected. The window install was moved out 6 weeks. Or, the plumber can’t make it until next week. Now we are stuck in the middle. Boxes are packed, but there is no chance to go.

We are in Limbo. Our kids went and started their new (without us) lives. The friends went and started their summer adventures. And add insult to injury, my computer got a nefarious almost incurable virus. It is the husband and me. Not much people watching happening here folks.

This in between had turned into a time when the bonds of marriage are being tested. Can I spend every waking moment with my husband and still like him? Gladly, my answer is yes. I’m watching him grow. Project by project, solution by solution his confidence is growing.


And to my dismay, the boxes that have a familiar tool are being opened. But then I remember, this is his adventure too.

There may not be as many people in Limbo that I once believed. However I am glad that if I had to be there with one person it turned out to be with him.

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