The Three Creeks, Montana Series

Abigail & Kent Hannah & Keane Sarah & Gavin Katie & Brock Liz & Dirk

Welcome Home

Time changes people…and every once in a while it can heal a broken heart.

Against her better judgment, Abigail Cahill is coming home. Abigail’s family is set on proving that she belongs in Three Creeks with them. Their childhood best friend, Kent Parker is willing to help them give Abigail a proper welcome.

From the beginning, Kent makes it clear that he has zero interest in a serious relationship. Who cares that every time he is around Abigail he has the urge to punch anyone in the face that looks at her?

Abigail is okay with having the small town hunk as a pal for her mini-adventures. She’s not so thrilled that he chases away any guy that takes an interest in her.

In this feel-good, love story, Abigail discovers the beauty of second chances and the meaning behind welcome home.

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Preview Welcome Home

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Home Sweet Home

Was it a coincidence or fate when Hannah bumped into Keane?

Single mother, Hannah Thorne does not want to end up like the mothers featured on her favorite talk shows. When she decides to date, her girlfriends give her advice that doesn’t work. Hannah can’t tell the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. No Way. Then she bumped into Keane.

Keane is married to his business. But he has time to help his friends with matters of the heart. He’s responsible for several marriages. When he sees Hannah needs help, Keane gladly steps up to the challenge.

The friendship with Hannah shows Keane what he has been missing. But he taught her to avoid men like him.

Thanks to Keane’s advice, Hannah has found the love she deserves. Will it be Keane, or has Hannah found someone who will treat her better than him? All of Three Creeks is watching to see what she decides.

Home Sweet Home is a small town, feel-good, love story that delivers a happily ever after.

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Preview Home Sweet Home

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Honey, I’m Home

Winner winner chicken dinner, and that’s how the love story of Sarah and Gavin begins.

Sarah Thompson bought a lottery ticket…and won. She didn’t expect to win. But now that she has, she makes plans to pay off her bills and do some nice things for her friends and family. When men show up with marriage proposals, Sarah finds herself out of a job and at odds with her friends.

Gavin Bloom ate lunch at Keane’s pub every day to see Sarah. He finds his chance to get even closer to her when she faints in the local store, and he’s there to break her fall.

Through the highs and lows of instant wealth, Sarah sees there is more to Gavin than his quirky appreciation of pub food. He’s determined to find a way for her to see they belong together. She fears the changes in his feelings for her have to do with the glamour of money.

In this sweet romance, unlikely friendships are formed, and hearts are tested. Some will learn too late to hold onto those you love. If Sarah doesn’t pay attention, she might be one of them.

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Preview Honey, I’m Home

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Home for Good

He’s the hometown hero. She’s the small-town sweetheart he left behind.

When Katie’s high school sweetheart, Brock, severed ties with her, she thought it was the end of the world. They were supposed to marry and live happily ever after. With some help from her friends and family, she healed, grew up, and moved on. There were some bumps along the way, but Katie reached the point where she could say she was happy with her life. Then Brock moved back to Three Creeks and turned her world upside down.

Retired Army Colonel Brock Buchanan knows how to go into a battle. He’s served on numerous tours and helped rebuild communities under the enemy’s nose. They say love is a battlefield, so he should have the upper hand when he returns to Three Creeks to claim what he foolishly left behind all those years ago.

When Brock and Katie reconnect at a high school reunion, they take a trip to the past. Brock sees a new future for them. Katie has 20/20 hindsight of everything that went wrong. Everyone in Three Creeks is asking the same question. Does Brock have enough love to rekindle the romance he left behind?

Read this heartwarming, small town, clean romance and find out why Brock wants to return home for good.

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Preview Home For Good

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Liz remembers the day Dirk Mullins appeared on her doorstep. Her family’s life has never been the same. His congenial personality and tenacious temperament make it hard to resist doing whatever it is he suggests. Even if he is five years younger than her. 

Now Dirk is a man and he has his eyes set on one thing. The muse to his shenanigans, Liz Harper. When he forms an alliance with Liz’s brother and ten-year-old son, getting her to buy into his greatest idea ever should be a piece of cake. 

Then again, even the best-laid plans have their hidden pitfalls.

Preview Home Is Where The Heart Is

Preview Home Is Where The Heart Is

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