Best Idea Ever p3

 Everyone at the party associated her with Keldon and his parents. When Luna got as far as a table away, someone pulled her back to “her herd” for a picture or to play a game.  It was Keldon who pulled them away from the group. “I need to […]

Best Idea Ever p2

She and Keldon stood there for a minute with the cups in their hands. Luna pulled her arm into the sleeve. The fabric folded, but she quickly saw it didn’t create an opening for the punch. She turned her head inside the costume to look for an opening.  […]

Best Idea Ever p1

When a great idea brings the unlikeliest of circumstances, Luna will learn there is a fine line between good and not-so-good outcomes, and she’s the one with the power to decide.

How Do I Find the Whisper Finger Emoji?

The video above is a blooper reel. I’m trying to figure out how to record, get the closed captions, and create an audio version of the stories for the podcast. This is where the whisper Emoji (that I could not find) comes into play… For now,  the video […]


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