Paradise Hills, Montana Series


Meet Me by the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree in the town square has a history of magic. Liam hopes it’s his turn to feel the power of its touch.

After a chance encounter at the movie theater, Liam is certain of one thing. The woman who turned to him for comfort is the one for him. With an angel pin she left behind, he sets out to find her.

After an attitude adjustment in the movie theater, Holly does all she can to embrace the holiday spirit. She makes a deal to eat the cookies, drink the cocoa and have fun with her family friend Liam.

Liam doesn’t know he’s looking for Holly. Holly has no clue Liam is in love with her. Will the magical Christmas tree bring Liam and Holly together? Or was the magic meant for someone else they love?

Fall in love this holiday season in Paradise Hills, Montana.

Preview Meet Me by the Christmas Tree

Preview Meet Me by the Christmas Tree

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Paradise Hills Summer

She’s the jilted bride. He’s the remorseful groom. They never thought they’d see each other again.

Faith Alexander ran away to Paradise Hills to hide from her past. Back home she has a mother that wants to run her life and the ruins from a marriage that never happened. An unexpected job offer gives Faith the chance to start a life where she can live life by her own rules. It is that much easier when she is befriended by the unassuming Holly Stewart.

A week before they were supposed to get married, Clark Grayson called off his wedding to Faith. By the time he figured out he made a mistake, it was too late to right the wrong. She was gone. When his friend Liam Lane helps him get a job at the Paradise Hills resort, Clark jumps at the chance to start life anew.

When Clark and Faith reconnect as bridesmaid and groomsman in Liam and Holly’s wedding party, an interesting game of cat and mouse begins.
Faith was strong enough to leave all that she held dear behind. Clark is hoping the Paradise Hills magic will help him convince Faith into giving those who hurt her a second chance.

Paradise Hills Summer is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Download a copy and escape into a feel-good summer love story.

Preview Paradise Hills Summer

Preview Paradise Hills Summer

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Paradise Hills Trick or Treat

Who gets mad when someone looks better than their picture?

To bait the right man, Taryn posts older pictures of herself on a dating site. Being a model, she wants someone who will appreciate her for her personality, not her looks. When Taryn matches with Chase, who has been voted Paradise Hills most eligible bachelor three years in a row, she thinks she has found the one.

Chase wants a companion who can also be a friend, and he seems to have found one in Taryn. When she finally agrees to meet him in person after months of relationship building, he is approached by a beautiful woman who looks nothing like the one in her picture. Feeling tricked, he says some things he soon regrets.

With Chase acting nothing like the person she has been chatting with, Taryn is done. He clearly isn’t the man she thought he was. But when Chase tries to prove he is the man she fell in love with online, Taryn is in for a treat. Unless the other secrets she kept from him get in the way…

Paradise Hills Trick or Treat is a small town, feel-good, love story that readers of Hallmark Channel stories would enjoy.

Preview Paradise Hills Trick or Treat

Preview Paradise Hills Trick or Treat

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Paradise Hills Thanksgiving

Two best friends. An interesting proposal. Best idea ever…or it could be the worst.

Gibson is the visionary. Sam is his anchor. Gibson had this great idea. What if he and Sam were to pretend they were a couple? Everyone would believe it. They already do everything together anyway. He’d love nothing more than to have Sam sit beside him at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It took some persuasion, but Sam has finally agreed to the ruse.

Sam’s father, Charles Ellis, has an opinion on the matter. Gibson is not good enough for his daughter, and he has the perfect person to prove it. His new apprentice, Greg.

A simple charade, meant to make Gibson and Sam’s lives easier, takes the two best friends through twists and turns that test the foundation of their friendship. This could bring them closer? Or will it prove that Sam’s father was right all along?

Paradise Hills Thanksgiving is a small town, feel-good, love story that readers of Hallmark Channel stories would enjoy.

Preview Paradise Hills Thanksgiving

Preview Paradise Hills Thanksgiving

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Christmas Wishes

Is Susan Waters ready to experience the Paradise Hills magic?

When Susan makes a wish for Santa to bring her a special present, she sets off a chain of events she never expected. She has helped other people find their true love. It only makes sense that her friends would try to repay the kindness. There is one little hitch to their plans. They’re trying to match her with Hunter Lane. The same Hunter Lane she’d rather avoid for reasons she’d rather not disclose.

Hunter is the oldest of the Lane brothers and the only one of them who is single. When Hunter sees Susan, he knows there’s something special about her. As he gets to know her, Hunter learns two things. They have a shared past, and he sees Susan in his future.

When Susan finds herself in a situation that demands Hunter’s help, they discover it takes more than a wish to hold on to love.

Preview Christmas Wishes

Preview Christmas Wishes

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Iris Sinclair looks forward to the day after Thanksgiving. It’s the day her Holiday Kisses season begins, and she leaves little presents to brighten people’s days.

Things change when Iris’s best friend, Jordan, notices something special behind her quirky personality. The change couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time. Iris’s nemesis has recruited him to enlist Iris in a partnership she would never agree to without his influence.

The Paradise Hills promise of a magical happily ever after is tested when the best friends are forced to choose between their blossoming love or the secret.

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