The Ashbrook, Montana Series

324 Hope Road

Janine walked into the grocery with a list. A handsome businessman and his three lovable teens weren’t on it.

Matthias and Janine have bumped into each other at the grocery store for weeks. His attraction to her is unavoidable, but he isn’t looking for a relationship. He has his hands full with his three teenage children.

When Janine and Matthias meet at a high school community clean up, she decides avoiding him is the safest option. He sees that she is more than the cute woman who likes to eat steak for dinner, especially after Janine takes his handful of a daughter under her wing.

Matthias’s three kids collaborate to prove Janine’s feistiness is the perfect balance for Matthias’s overly serious disposition.

And the plan would work if the adults would follow the script.

As Janine and Matthias work together to help his kids through their problems, they learn along with them that mistakes are meant to be forgiven; I’m sorry is as powerful as I love you, and second chances are just as fun as new beginnings.

From Friends to Family is a small-town, feel good, love story that will leave you with a smile long after you turn the last page.

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222 Redemption Lane

Marianna is looking for a way out of her marriage and thinks she has found it when her favorite aunt presents a challenge with big prizes.

She’s been a loving mother and faithful wife for so long, Marianna doesn’t know who she is anymore. Just maybe if she walked her own road she’d discover the excitement everyone else in her life seems to have found. Then comes the “The Family Challenge of 2015”. The first couple to complete a series of events coordinated by her rich aunt wins a large portion of her estate.

James has one weekend to prove that Marianna belongs with him.

James Benjamin has known for quite some time his wife has been unhappy. That’s why he enlisted the help of her aunt to prove that she belongs by his side. Except neither he nor Aunt Tee expected the skeletons that have the power to sabotage the entire family to come to light in the middle of the excitement.

What was meant to build relationships has the power to tear them apart. Does James have it in him to remind Marianna that love is more powerful than any obstacle set before them?

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121 Patience Place

Jorgen is her older brother’s best friend. Eric is her childhood nemesis.

For as long as Gina Davidson could remember, Jorgen Backman has been like an older brother. Then one day, the lines between the friends blurred. Gina never suspected something or someone stirred Jorgen to change. Unprepared for the games Jorgen likes to play, Gina gets caught in a trap that breaks her heart and has the potential to ruin her reputation.

After a series of failed relationships, Eric Sandberg heeds his parents’ advice to court a woman who is set to inherit more than him–Gina Davidson. Her father agrees with the pairing, so it should be an easy match. Except Eric didn’t take into consideration that she’d remember how poorly he treated her when they were growing up. Nor did he expect Jorgen Backman’s attempts to keep her for his own.

Gina’s father has made it clear. Marriage is in her future. He doesn’t want his daughter to be alone when he moves on. When all the cards are on the table, who will win the chance to win Gina’s heart?

Meet friends and families that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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323 Love Lane

The first to have a baby and the only one of her friends who isn’t married, Amanda Darling wants her happily ever after too.

One by one, Amanda helped her friends navigate the waters of love to find the man meant to be their husband. Determined to have a happy ending of her own, she issues her long-term boyfriend what she thinks is an irresistible ultimatum: either they get married or they break up. To her surprise, Rick walked out the door leaving Amanda alone to pick up the pieces of her life.

As she contends with the life of a single mother, Amanda reconsiders her definition of happily ever after. One that involves forging new friendships, closing doors to the past, and chasing after her dreams.

Faced with the possibility of losing Amanda to the life she’s building without them, Rick along with her friends and family find themselves working together to mend bridges.
Except Amanda is always one step ahead of them and has no desire to slow down long enough for them to catch up with her. What will it take to convince her that being with them is the missing piece of the puzzle in her life; or will she go on to build another one on her own?

Read this small-town romance and fall in love with the friends and family of Ashbrook, Montana.

323 Love Lane

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452 Memory Lane

She loves him. He loves her not. Or that’s what Sam thought at the time.

Longtime friends, Sam and Kate, began the night at the lakeside to watch the summer sunset. Someone named Sam ruined the night when he scheduled an airplane proposal for his girlfriend Kate.

Kate thought her secret crush on Sam was a secret. And, she had no idea he could be so romantic. She asked for time to consider the proposal.

Sam needed time to explain that the proposal didn’t come from him.A handsome stranger, a rafting accident, and a daring rescue open Sam’s eyes to the truth. He’s been in love with Kate for longer than he’d care to admit. Except, the tides have turned and Kate doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sam.

Ashbrook, Montana loves a long-awaited happily ever after. So Sam has friends and family on his side. It won’t matter if he doesn’t figure out what convinced Kate to change her mind.

202 Canterbury Lane

Genevieve thinks she’s going on a cruise to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding. She thinks she’s getting away for girl time and recuperation from a hectic life where she helps take care of her father. Little does she know her older brother and his best friend Travis Trent have ideas of their own on ways to make her life more interesting.

Travis wants the girl next door and her name is Genevieve Jensen.

After a painful divorce, country singer Travis Trent decides he wants a wholesome woman he can trust. With the help of his best friend, he’ll have a three-day cruise to convince Genevieve that he can meet all the expectations she has of a man. Except he nor her brother hadn’t planned on her remembering all the stunts they pulled when they were children.

He can write great music, but when it comes to talking to the one woman who knows everything about him, Travis is a fish out of water. Can the man who won Genevieve’s heart when they were younger prove to her that it’s her turn for a chance at true love?

Set to launch October, 2022