Now, I Know What She Was Thinking.

We all have friends that took a new job, or got married-or unmarried, had a child, purchased a new home, sent a child off to college and the list could continue forever. Our hearts know that the change is for the better and our heads are screaming, “what just happened!”

The Weather

From the beginning I knew weather adaptation wouldn’t be my problem. Adapting to a different culture would be difficult. And truth be told, it is hard.

Limbo Is So NOT What I a Thought

In my younger, before my mother died, days, I was raised Catholic. Of course I went to catechism and had my first communion and went through the many rites of passage affiliated with the church. In addition, my… Read More

What Have I Done to My Perfectly Good Life?

But what happens if I don’t go. Again Mr. Kierkegaard answered the question. If I stay in my safety zone I will lose myself. Parts of me will be lost because they were never required.