Letting Go of the Familar

There is a parable in the Bible about a man who sold all he had to get the one thing he deemed the most valuable. The verse in Matthew 13:46 states “When he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” This adventure that I pursue is my pearl of great price.

However, I do not know how to sell things.  So I went after the next best advice via the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now.”

I had the  furnishings for a four bedroom two bathroom house.  That’s more than can fit in a Uhaul trailer.  If it wasn’t absolutely necessary I had to get rid of it.  So, I started giving things away. Case in point: this is what used to be my couch heading towards its new owner. The look on his face when I said you can have it for free was priceless. I remember when a friend gave me a really nice bedroom set.  Just gave it to me.  I promised myself I would do the same thing.  And

image of couch in a truckbed

My couch going to it’s new home.

now it was my turn. At the beginning of this giving spree it was fun.  Here take my Xbox.  You want my kitchen it’s yours. Then there was a shift-it hurt getting rid of my toaster.  I loved that toaster.  Or that book that I promised myself that I would reread, but never did it.  When that book left I felt a tug in my stomach. And then I realized that people who are successful are that way because they do whatever it takes regardless of how uncomfortable they feel in the beginning to accomplish that goal.  Oddly, my whatever it takes is like the man who wanted the pearl of great price.  I have to get rid of it all so I can have that one great thing.

image of captain's chairs

My new furniture

Let me tell you, reading about people doing uncomfortable things is different than living it first hand. When I read about it I am awed.  Living it, I am frequently dumbstruck, confused and frequently feeling awkward. Just like what others who have had adventures shared, I have also felt that exhilaration that surpasses that momentary “what have I done feeling.” And no exaggeration, it feels good. Really good.

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  1. I am doing this right now, you are so right about it being easy at first and then you feel attachment to these items! Just gotta keep the eyes on the pearl at the end! 😀

    • I hope three weeks in you’ve had experiences that made you feel like it was worth pursuing the adventure.

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