I am a wife to a very creative, and very quiet musician. And,a very patient man who I insist read my blogs. His advice usually sounds like, “You need a comma.” Yet, when I go to retell the story to a person–he cuts me off to tell the punchline. I love that about him.

In addition to being, patient my husband is wise. He waited until we were married for sixteen years to confess it was a lifelong dream to move back to his hometown in the middle of his family farm. By then I really liked him. In hindsight, I have to wonder if that is why he started washing the dishes.

So here we are living a life that most people only read about. One where Friday is dedicated to community events;  and where relationships matter, and our family dreams became important. It is also the place where my ability to write stories extended beyond the typical 600-word blogs I’d written for years.

With this, I hope you enjoy the anecdotes and stories you read on this blog.


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