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Merri Maywether

I like to make people laugh and then say, "hmmm." If I have done that then I have successfully changed the way you have seen the world.

Reader Oops

Dear Reader, I have a confession. I committed a major oops last night. I was warned. I nodded that I got it. Then I turned around and did exactly what the author warned me not to do. Let’s go to the beginning of the story…. Last night I […]


Good morning, Reader Crawling out of bed in the dark, dark, early morning can be a challenge. It’s that way every January, but I have a plan. While everyone else is buying the low cal, reduced sugar foods, I pívot. I buy my favorite creamer. This year’s flavor […]

Gifts from 2022

People have different traditions on the first day of the year. It’s the day I like to sit down and thank the previous year for all the blessings. There are the big ones: family, my home, the ability to breathe air (I’m asthmatic, so breathing is a big […]

plate of sliced breads

Tis The Season

The temperatures have dropped, and hoodies abound. Friends and family are settling from their travels and gathering round. They bring with them hugs, warm smiles, and stories promising laughter. But sometimes, something a little more than love gets passed on. It has been a couple of years since […]