Welcome To Three Creeks, Montana

The Three Creeks, Montana series is a good fit for readers who enjoy characters who are over 40, stories where friendships are strong, and can appreciate the quirks of small town living.

Get Well Soon

Becca and her best friend Donovan have an agreement. If both of them are single when they’re forty, they will get married.
A lot more is at stake when Donovan proposes. He has to convince Becca that his feelings for her are real without telling her he’s the reason all the other guys bolted.

Welcome Home

Abigail Cahill is coming Home. When Abigail’s father leaves her the house as an inheritance, she is willing to give living in Three Creeks a second chance.

Kent remembers Abigail as the awkward younger sister who wasn’t much trouble, and he was as surprised as everyone when she left without a backward glance. His friendship with Abigail renews his appreciation for a life he’d learned to take for granted. They’ll discover it is easier to release their grip on the past when someone is there to point toward the future.

Home Sweet Home

Thanks to Abigail and Kent’s wedding, Hannah and Keane are thrown together, and an unusual friendship is formed. Things get interesting in Three Creeks when Keane is tasked with the challenge of convincing Hannah to give him the chance he may not deserve.