Christmas Wishes Preview

Is Susan Waters ready to experience the Paradise Hills magic?

When Susan makes a wish for Santa to bring her a special present, she sets off a chain of events she never expected. She has helped other people find their true love. It only makes sense that her friends would try to repay the kindness. There is one little hitch to their plans. They’re trying to match her with Hunter Lane. The same Hunter Lane she’d rather avoid for reasons she’d rather not disclose.

Hunter is the oldest of the Lane brothers and the only one of them who is single. When Hunter sees Susan, he knows there’s something special about her. As he gets to know her, Hunter learns two things. They have a shared past, and he sees Susan in his future.

When Susan finds herself in a situation that demands Hunter’s help, they discover it takes more than a wish to hold on to love.

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 The Christmas tree in the town square has a history of magic. Liam hopes it’s his turn to feel the power of its touch. 

After a chance encounter at the movie theater,  Liam is certain of one thing. The woman who turned to him for comfort is the one for him. With an angel pin she left behind, he sets out to find her. 

After an attitude adjustment in the movie theater, Holly does all she can to embrace the holiday spirit. She makes a deal to eat the cookies, drink the cocoa and have fun with her family friend Liam. 

 Liam doesn’t know he’s looking for Holly. Holly has no clue Liam is in love with her. Will the magical Christmas tree bring Liam and Holly together? Or was the magic meant for someone else they love?

Fall in love this holiday season in Paradise Hills, Montana. 

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Paradise Hills Thanksgiving

Two best friends. An interesting proposal. Best idea ever…or it could be the worst.

Gibson is the visionary. Sam is his anchor. Gibson had this great idea. What if he and Sam were to pretend they were a couple? Everyone would believe it. They already do everything together anyway. He’d love nothing more than to have Sam sit beside him at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It took some persuasion, but Sam has finally agreed to the ruse.

Sam’s father, Charles Ellis, has an opinion on the matter. Gibson is not good enough for his daughter, and he has the perfect person to prove it. His new apprentice, Greg.

A simple charade, meant to make Gibson and Sam’s lives easier, takes the two best friends through twists and turns that test the foundation of their friendship. This could bring them closer? Or will it prove that Sam’s father was right all along?

Paradise Hills Thanksgiving is a small town, feel-good, love story that readers of Hallmark Channel stories would enjoy.

Paradise Hills Trick or Treat

Who gets mad when someone looks better than their picture?

To bait the right man, Taryn posts older pictures of herself on a dating site. Being a model, she wants someone who will appreciate her for her personality, not her looks. When Taryn matches with Chase, who has been voted Paradise Hills most eligible bachelor three years in a row, she thinks she has found the one.

Chase wants a companion who can also be a friend, and he seems to have found one in Taryn. When she finally agrees to meet him in person after months of relationship building, he is approached by a beautiful woman who looks nothing like the one in her picture. Feeling tricked, he says some things he soon regrets.

With Chase acting nothing like the person she has been chatting with, Taryn is done. He clearly isn’t the man she thought he was. But when Chase tries to prove he is the man she fell in love with online, Taryn is in for a treat. Unless the other secrets she kept from him get in the way…

Paradise Hills Summer

Summer is the season to reconnect with friends, family, and attend a wedding or two…and to watch the fireworks. 

Jilted a week before her wedding, Faith picked herself up and dusted off the drama that tends to stick when living in a small town. An unexpected job offer gives Faith the chance to start a life where she can live by her own rules. It is that much easier when Holly befriends her.

A week before they were supposed to get married, Clark called off his wedding to Faith. By the time he figured out he had made a mistake, it was too late to right the wrong. She was gone. When his friend, Liam, helps Clark get a job at the Paradise Hills resort, Clark jumps at the chance to start life anew. 

Both are in Liam and Holly’s wedding party. One hopes Holly and Liam’s wedding will build a bridge of forgiveness. The other wants to use it to widen the gap between them. Only one can see the signs. 

Three Creeks, Montana Series

Paradise Hills Summer is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Grab a glass of lemonade and get ready to escape into a feel-good, summer love story. 

Book One in the Three Creeks, Montana Series

Abigail Cahill left the comfort of Three Creeks, Montana because her older brother, Zach, told her that she didn’t belong. Years later, when her husband divorced her because “he didn’t want to care,” Abigail decides that being alone is better than being a burden.

Before he died, Abigail’s father worked with Zach on a plan to make amends. For that to happen, she needs to come home. That’s where Kent Parker comes into the story. Burned by love, Kent has no interest in a serious relationship. He is willing to help his childhood best friend right the wrongs and convince Abigail that Three Creeks is her home.

Kent doesn’t want to be pinned down. Abigail doesn’t want to be a burden. Ending up together is in neither of their plans. Only time will tell if they’ll have a change of heart.

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Book Two in The Three Creeks, Montana Series

Hannah Thorne does not want to end up like those single mothers featured on talk shows. Which is why she signed up for a date on the Love Over Forty website. With the first touch of her toe in the water, Hannah realized dating was a pond she might want to avoid. After twenty years, the rules have changed too much. And, being single isn’t that bad. She has years of talk show reruns to keep her company.

Knowing some things are best to be looked at, not touched, Hannah had admired Keane Barnesworth from afar for years. Everything changes when she bumps into him in the coffee shop. She ruined her shirt but gained a friend to guide her through the ins and outs of dating.

When Keane breaks the heart of the small town sweetheart, it sends both their worlds into a tailspin. Hannah knows how to date and isn’t afraid to practice what she learned. He’d prefer that she’d settle down long enough for him to show her how to make up after a fight.

When the stakes are high, Keane shines brightest. Is it enough for Hannah to give him and love a chance?

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Book Three in the Three Creeks, Montana Series

She’s had a lot of luck. What she wants is love.

Overwhelmed by the aftermath of a breakup, Sarah Thompson impulsively bought a lottery ticket…and won. The small town waitress at Keane’s pub didn’t really expect to win. But now that she has, she makes plans. She can buy out her brother’s half of the house. With the rest of the money, she can do some nice things for people.  When men show up at her job with marriage proposals, Sarah finds herself out of a job and at odds with her friends. Winning created more problems for her than she knows how to handle.

Small town lawyer, Gavin Bloom sat at Sarah’s station every day for lunch. He’d been there so long, Sarah knew his order before he opened the menu. In a gesture of goodwill, Gavin offers to take Sarah on as a client to help her manage the changes in her life.

Through the highs and lows of instant wealth,  Sarah sees a side of Gavin that melts her heart. Still, she’s an unemployed waitress and he’s a lawyer. She may not be as smart at him, but she knows enough to realize that anything he thinks he feels for her has to be the glamour of money.

In this sweet romance, unlikely friendships are formed, and hearts are tested. Some will learn too late to hold onto those you love. If Sarah doesn’t pay attention, she might be one of them.

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Book Four in the Three, Creeks Montana Series

He’s the hometown hero. She’s the small town sweetheart he left behind.

 Katie’s heart broke when Brock left her. After that the second man she allowed herself to love died. From then on,  she focused on things that endured. Her son and the small town where she was raised. She thought her life was perfect. Then her high school sweetheart moved back home and turned her world upside down.

Retired, Army Colonel Brock Buchanan knows how to go into a battle. He’s served on numerous tours and helped rebuild communities under the enemy’s nose. They say love is a battlefield, so he should have the upper hand when he returns to claim what he foolishly left behind all those years ago.

When everyone returns to Three Creeks for a high school reunion, Brock and Katie take a trip to the past. If the community will accept him, he can see a new future for Three Creeks. Katie has 20/20 hindsight of everything that went wrong. She got along fine without Brock. Why change what has worked so far?

Everyone in Three Creeks is asking the same question. Does Brock have enough love to rekindle the romance he left behind? 

Read this heartwarming, small town, clean romance and find out why Brock wants to return home for good.

Book Three In the Small Town Stories Novella Series:  Just A Friend

The first time Pam laid eyes on Jorgen Backman she knew it was true love. There’s just one problem. Her level-headed friends are set on saving her from whatever love potion the man has concocted. He has broken the hearts of women in three counties. As far as they are concerned, Pam will not be on his list of conquests.

When a storm has Pam stranded and alone with none other than Ashbrook’s bad boy she learns the truth about his past. Jorgen has learned a thing or two from his mistakes, and he’s out to set the record straight. Everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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Book Two in the Small Town Stories Novella Series:

When Lacey reached for a piece of cake, she accidentally picked up the hand of Mr. Golden Eyes, Colton Hughes. He captured her heart and disappeared into the crowd of people leaving her to think it was a momentary crush. The next time they met she ended up on her back under a shower of fruit. And thus began her introduction to life in small-town Montana.

From one misunderstanding to the next she wonders if perhaps life would be easier if she moved to Arizona with her parents. Who cares that the state is so hot people can fry an egg on the ground.

Colton sets out to prove that not only does she fit in perfectly in the small community, but Lacey also belongs by his side.

In this quick read, Lacey will learn that love and laughter are only one step behind the obstacles, and if she will let him, Colton is more than happy to catch her every time.


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Book One in the Small Town Stories Novella Series:

Remember that time we said if we were single when you turned forty we would get married?

When Becca made that agreement with Donovan, it cursed her chances of finding a decent man. However, being unattached at thirty-eight is not as bad as she thought it would be. Not when she has her hunky best friend, Donovan, to keep her company.

If Becca knew that Donovan was the one to sabotage every relationship with a man she has ever had, she would kill him. Or worse, leave him. So, Donovan has spent their entire friendship waiting for her to realize he’s her happily ever after.

Then his grandfather’s will put a hitch in his plan. If they don’t get married before Donovan is forty-one he loses his inheritance. He has to convince Becca to forget everything he tricked her into believing about men and their philandering ways. Even more important, he has to convince her that he’s been in love with her since she gave him that get well soon card all those years ago.

If he fails, Donovan will win the money but lose the woman who has his heart.

The Ashbrook, Montana Series

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Book One of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

Marianna is looking for a way out of her marriage and thinks she has found it when her favorite aunt presents a challenge with big prizes.

She’s been a loving mother and faithful wife for so long, Mariana doesn’t know who she is anymore. Just maybe if she walked her own road she’d discover the excitement everyone else in her life seems to have found. Then comes the “The Family Challenge of 2014”. The first couple to complete a series of events coordinated by her rich aunt wins a large portion of her estate.

James has one weekend to prove that Marianna belongs with him.

James Benjamin has known for quite some time his wife has been unhappy. That’s why he enlisted the help of her aunt to prove that she belongs by his side. Except neither he nor Aunt Tee expected the skeletons that have the power to sabotage the entire family to come to light in the middle of the excitement.

What was meant to build relationships has the power to tear them apart. Does James have it in him to remind Marianna that love is more powerful than any obstacle set before them? Or, will she allow the past to interfere with their future together?

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Book Two of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

Life can not get any better when the man you’ve been pining over finally notices you. Can it? Gina Davidson’s about to find out.

Gina was quite content working with her father on the family farm and nursing an unrequited love for her older brother’s best friend Jorgen Backman. She should have known something was up when the man who treated her like a little sister all of a sudden finds her simply irresistible. Unprepared for the games he likes to play, she gets caught in a trap that could ruin her reputation and break her heart.

Eric Sandberg has had it with women who are only interested what his family estate has to offer.

After a series of failed relationships, he decides to follow his parents’ advice and court a woman who is set to inherit more than him—Gina Davidson. Except he didn’t take into consideration that she’d remember how poorly he treated her when they were growing up. Nor did he expect Jorgen Backman the town playboy to try and keep her away from him.

The tug of war Eric and Jorgen play with Gina’s heart forces her to see them for who they really are. When all the cards are on the table who will she give the chance to win her heart?

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Book Three of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

The first to have a baby and the only one of her friends who isn’t married, Amanda Darling wants her happily ever after too.

One by one she helped her friends navigate the waters of love to find the man meant to be their husband. Determined to have a happy ending of her own she issues her long term boyfriend what she thinks is an irresistible ultimatum: either they get married or they break up. To her surprise, he walks out the door leaving Amanda alone to pick up the pieces of her life. As she contends with the life of a single mother Amanda reconsiders her definition of happily ever after. One that involves forging new friendships, chasing after her dreams, and closing doors to the past.

Faced with the possibility of losing Amanda to the life she’s building without them, Rick with the help of her friends and family find themselves working together to mend bridges. Except Amanda seems to always be one step ahead of them and has no desire to slow down long enough for them to catch up to her. Can they convince her that being with them is the missing piece of the puzzle in her life, or will she go on to build another one on her own?

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Book Four of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

Everything was fine until that airplane flew by with a proposal and my name was on it.

Longtime friends, Sam and Kate, begin the night thinking they are going to the lakeside to enjoy a beer and watch the summer sunset. Somewhere along the shore of the same lake at the same time, a much younger Sam proposed to his Kate. Up until now, Kate thought her secret crush on Sam was exactly that-a secret. When Kate accidentally overhears Sam say there is no chemistry between them, and the proposal was not from him, she decides to bury the crush. The next day a man she affectionately nicknames Adonis appears to help her forget a man named Sam ever existed. It turns out her feelings weren’t so hurt after all.

Ever since he moved into town with a bruised ego and a small child, Kate has been there for Sam. When she nearly drowns in a whitewater rafting accident, Sam finally has a chance to repay the kindness and takes a plunge to save her life. When she fights to get away from him, the chemistry Sam has denied all those years rise with them to the surface.

While Kate tries to forget she ever cared about him, Sam decides nothing, not the handsome green-eyed stranger, or ghosts from their past will keep him from being with Kate.

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Book Five of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

The best kind of love is the kind you don’t see until it’s right in front of you.

Genevieve thinks she’s going on a cruise to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding. She thinks she’s getting away for girl time and recuperation from a hectic life where she helps take care of her father. Little does she know her older brother and his best friend Travis Trent have ideas of their own on ways to make her life more interesting.

Travis wants the girl next door and her name is Genevieve Jensen.

After a painful divorce, country singer Travis Trent decides he wants a wholesome woman he can trust. With the help of his best friend, he’ll have a three-day cruise to convince Genevieve that he can meet all the expectations she has of a man. Except he nor her brother hadn’t planned on her remembering all the stunts they pulled when they were children. Nor, do they know that Genevieve once dated the only other single person in the wedding party and is not that eager to try for another chance at love.

He can write great music, but when it comes to talking to the one woman who knows everything about him, Travis is a fish out of the water. He must fight a current of miscommunication caused by interference from an unidentifiable stranger to get Genevieve to believe there’s more behind the sexual attraction they share. Can the man who won Genevieve’s heart when they were younger prove to her that it’s her turn for a chance at true love?

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Book Six of the Ashbrook, Montana Series:

When they both make the same wish on the same star at the same moment, Luke and Ashleigh learn that there’s more to love than making wishes.

Ashleigh Cartwright fell in love with Luke the first time she met him on a blind date before either of them moved to Ashbrook. Except she thought he lied about moving to blow her off. The second time she fell in love with him she accidentally won the bid for a date with their cooking teacher. She meant to bid 25 hours of community service and accidentally bid 250. In the midst of the chaos, Ashleigh decides she won’t let Luke’s piercing green eyes, or the chef’s charming accent, trick her into falling for men that are definitely out of her league.

Luke Godel moved to Ashbrook, Montana because his childhood friend Peter Pederson told him it was a place where people liked to settle down. In the first year he’s lived there, Luke helped two of his love interest get married to other men. Thinking he’s always going to be a groomsman and never the groom, Luke almost misses his chance for love.

Forgetting that life has a way of making wishes come true—especially when they are made on stars, Ashleigh and Luke get in the way of their own good intentions. Will their pride keep them from seeing the answer to their wish? Or, can they learn from the Ashbrook community that love always has a way of making dreams come true?

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