The Weather

From the beginning I knew weather adaptation wouldn’t be my problem. Adapting to a different culture would be difficult. And truth be told, it is hard.

Eventually They Get It

The strongest tell tale sign of puberty is the voice. A drop in range makes the voice easier to hear so less force is required to project the sound. Fortunately, the kids don’t realize this so I hear every secret they try to hide. And the look of surprise, when confronted with the knowledge that they were thinking of ditching 4th hour is priceless.

Time Doesn’t Change Some Things

I wonder if any one could catch the essence of the night. The one where people said, “We shouldn’t have to wait 5 years to get together again.”

Two Scooters, One Cup, Zero Kids

Maybe it was delirium from mowing the lawn in an Arizona August, or since it was Sunday, it could have been divine intervention-regardless a really good idea came to the front of my mind. We don’t have to wait for the kids to have fun.

Goodbye to the Land of Not Good Enough

The letter writer was in a place where she didn’t want to share because it wasn’t good enough. If I could have responded I would have said, “you’re not the only one honey!”

The Old Distract Em Trick

The hubby’s birthday was the 31st.  This presented a double challenge.  First the day is 6, yes count them 6, days after Christmas.  And New Year’s Eve.  Trying to make his birthday significant with so many other things going… Read More

Behind Every Good Man There Really is A Woman!

The phrase, “Behind every good man is a great woman,” was a phrase that met a groan of disdain when I heard it.  C’mon why is the woman letting the man get all the attention.  Of course there… Read More

It Went There!

Before I tell the story I gotta give some background.  Early in my marriage I returned home one evening to a very unhappy husband.  He hardly ever is unhappy so when he’s upset we know it’s gotta be… Read More

Who’s Your Mama?

Up until now only those close to Mr. B and myself know there was an unresolvable point of contention in our marriage.  Note the “was.” This means this story will end either with a gushy awww or a… Read More

Beauty for Ashes

There is a bible verse that says God will exchange “beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Which is all good and well when you’re reading it, but it doesn’t feel so good when a person is in the first part of each of those exchanges.