Adventure Is a Lot More Exciting When Someone Else is Living It….

It took longer to get rid of our possessions and longer to get our affairs in order.  Longer than I ever expected. Eventually my vehicle became the ice cream man of Goodwill.  After a week of giving away perfectly good possessions, the lady at the receiving dock looked at me like I was off my rocker. “These are some really good weights,” was her comment as she shook her head in confusion.  Her comment yielded an opposite effect. I felt good.  I was giving away something I wanted.  And now the adventure begins.

My husband and I towed a U-Haul trailer behind each of our vehicles.  In order to maintain great communication we had walkie talkies.

walkie talkie

Our safe means of communication

This way we could make safe pit stops.   Or if one of us (me) got bored, we could chat.  What resulted was

  • my beloved forgetting to pull over at the grassy rest area
  • or a semi coming between us
  • other clever people interrupting our conversation with theirs because they had the same brilliant idea as us
  • the volume was so low on my walkie talkie I could barely hear my husband’s voice.  If you asked me I would have sworn he was whispering to drive me crazy.
  • The occasional “ooh” comment
  • Pointing out a sight that the other person never saw

It was frustrating, amusing and fun.  It added excitement to our adventure.  It was him and me conquering the world together.

What happened next, never entered our realm of reality.  Before I tell you, know this.  When admiring the hardships others before you endured, make sure it doesn’t seem too glamorous.

We know pioneers traveled these same roads hundreds of years ago. And, we could imagine the tenacity.  Wagon wheels probably broke.  Horses and oxen probably fatigued.  We wondered how much walking happened beside or behind the covered wagon.  And then guess what happened.  ……

mountain pass

A mountain pass that pioneers before us traveled.


Yes, our wagon broke in the form of a check engine light.

check engine light

The most unwanted thing in a long road trip

All of a sudden that pioneer tenacity wasn’t so awe inspiring.  It was a big pain in the (in our case) computer that controls the cam sensor. My husband wasn’t embracing that walk beside the wagon mental picture.  Truth be told, neither was I.  Fortunately it was only a $100, five hour dent in our adventure.

What we are learning from this.  Adventure is fun. Adventure is a growing experience.  But the growth doesn’t necessarily come from the ooh moments.  It comes from the wagon wheel is busted moments.  Those moments when you want to kick a rock and go back to what was familiar and safe, Instead you take a breath, take some time and get it fixed.  It is after you come out on the other side holding your back because you sat too long, or smile at your spouse because it didn’t cost as much as we feared that you are changed.

And right now, I am thinking two thing:Yes, this is hard and I am still glad we took on this challenge. And,  please dear Lord, do not let my husband get any ideas from the Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush Adventures show.


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