Why I’ve Been Gone for the Past Month

I have not written a blog in the past month because it was seeding season.  Truth be told, I didn’t realized that much time had passed until a friend mentioned in passing that he hadn’t seen his girlfriend in a month.

It couldn’t have been that long.  Then I came to the blog.  Yep, it’s been a month. Oddly, something about the routine makes time stand still. So for the past month there were one of two things happening. Either things are peaceful and moving smoothly.

Or  as seen in seeding season exhibit one: they are breaking in such a way that it takes four to five people to fix it. In this instance one of the tractors with a seeder got stuck in the mud.

In seeding season exhibit two:  I stepped in the nearest hole to show how far down the tractor had gone.  It was to my knees.

 One of the men mentioned that I was in the shallow hole.  He took my phone so I could stand in a deeper hole. This changed seeding season exhibit two  into a my boot is stuck ankle deep experience.

As I tried to pull out my boot, this friend says in passing, “We do have quicksand in Montana.” All the National Geographic Channel programs on quicksand flashed through my mind and did I follow the advice to remain calm?  No way!

Boot saved and on higher ground we stop and pose for the camera.

And that is why I’ve been gone for a month.  I am reliving my childhood days when we went outside in the morning and returned exhausted at night.  But, I have to admit.  I miss my chats with the blogging world. Thankfully we’ll be done within the next week.

Until the next blog


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