This is Your Meeting

Meeting in front of the house after a breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy, the friends piled into Dan’s wagon. Caitlin overheard Nicholas mention to Eugene that he’d stay permanently if they had that every day for breakfast…. Read More

This is Like Steampunk

Up until this point in the tour, Ella listened quietly occasionally offering a nod or smile of agreement to something Dan said. Caitlin noticed when Ella’s almond colored eyes came alive when she spoke. “I know you boys… Read More

Big House in the Prairie

  Dividing them into two groups, male and female, Dan addressed the next major issue—living accommodations. For the sake of propriety, he housed the boys on one side of the house and the girls on the opposite corner…. Read More

Welcome to Your Old/New Home

Walking in scattered clusters, the groups held several mini private conversations while they followed Dan and Mark back to Adam’s house. Dan, who looked to be the older of the two men, seemed at ease with the situation,… Read More

A Familiar Stranger

Within minutes, they reached a gap in the fence they all could fit through and crawled through the fence separating the prairie land from the road. After one person went through another was there to pass them their… Read More

The Only Solution

This is one of the alkali lakes the characters want to minimize. Last week Before being stranded by an alkali storm, they were heading to Helena to present their experiments in hopes of gaining attention and assistance in… Read More

A Fractured Fairy Tale~Where It All Begins

In the time I’ve been away from this blog wrote five books. Three are published under my romance writer name on Amazon. The fourth was inspired by a persistent group of 6th graders who insisted I write a… Read More

Why I’ve Been Gone for the Past Month

I have not written a blog in the past month because it was seeding season.  Truth be told, I didn’t realized that much time had passed until a friend mentioned in passing that he hadn’t seen his girlfriend… Read More

Thirty Years Later

~Your dreams were not stupid.
~Everyone is as equally confused about life as you are.
~You don’t have to be mean to be successful.
~Your ability to love is stronger than any awkwardness.

Things They Didn’t Tell You in Little House on the Prairie

One time when I was frustrated with my life in Phoenix (A haboob hit right when I finished cleaning the house) I called my mother in law and asked is there dust in Arcadia. She must have been… Read More