Good morning, Reader

Crawling out of bed in the dark, dark, early morning can be a challenge. It’s that way every January, but I have a plan. While everyone else is buying the low cal, reduced sugar foods, I pívot.

I buy my favorite creamer. This year’s flavor is sweet cream. It has a scoop of ice cream on the label. Then, I either bake or buy cookies from the bakery section. My husband has a philosophy that I usually laugh at, but embrace in January. He says if it has oatmeal in it, it’s halfway there to being a protein bar.

Once, I’m out of bed, I’m good. Then I read. In the morning, I read my nonfiction book. That way I have all day to process and hopefully find examples of concepts from the book of choice.

Before bed, I read my fiction book. It relaxes my mind and gives my mind something to play with before I sleep. That’s probably why I’m a sweet romance reader—it makes for sweet dreams.

Do you have a morning routine? A reading routine? A habit that changes with the seasons? Let me know in the comments.

❤️ Merri

p.s. I hopes your day has some really sweet moments.

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