Prairie Life Problems #1

Remote life has different quirks than life in the town or city. The views are beautiful. As I have mentioned in previous blogs we can spend hours enjoying the views.

Thanks to the rain things are greening

These views come with bugs. All kinds of bugs. Crawling bugs, ugly bugs, pretty bugs, flying bugs and so on and so forth.

My husband the ninja with the fly swatter has been the recipient of “the look” for leaving unattractive bug remains.

Exhibit A-something is on the window!

I washed the windows earlier in the week.  Awkward is the best description of the experience. So when I saw what I believed bug residue on the window he got the look. Magnified.

Of course he gave the male “What????” And I pointed at exhibit A.

His response is confusion. It has been raining and his weapon a.k.a. The fly swatter is nowhere to be seen.

So we take a closer look. ….

Upon closer investigation the ninja has been cleared of wrongdoing

The window was so clean a bird ran into it. Color me shocked!

The mister is happy to have been redeemed and I’m totally relating to the poor bird that was going about it’s business when bam it got smacked by unforeseen circumstances.

I hope it had a friend that saw and they flew to the nest laughing  about how it looked and what they were thinking.  At least that is what happens to me when I get knocked on my keister.

And so this blog closes with warm wishes of good friends that will be there to help you laugh through the occasional smacks we get while navigating through life.


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