Nanowrimo is how I became an author. Four years ago I took a try at it, wrote the novel, and learned a few things about myself.

First, it is hard when the world in your head doesn’t come out as quickly as you can see it. That was my biggest problem. I could see a whole segment in my head to find out that the segment was three to four chapters. Every time I have writer’s block it is because I am trying to shove too much story in too little a space.

The other biggie: I am an intense teacher. Every time I didn’t want to write I’d ask myself what would you say to your students? By the end of November, I didn’t know whether to apologize for being such an ogre or nod because of the accomplishments I helped my students achieve.


Well this is the fifth time I’m going for it. Hopefully, I’ll have a novel to share with my readers by Valentine’s Day.  It is a story about Sarah Crawford, a waitress in Keane’s pub. Sarah wins the lottery the day after her boyfriend  breaks up with her.  Of course he is sorry about the confusion. He thought he was in love with that other women, but it turned out to be just a fling.  Add to the mix that they live in a small town, so everybody knows she has won before she has cashed in the ticket.  Of course I write happily ever after romance, so there is a knight in shining armor (or in this case a lawyer friend with a really clean Chevy Silverado) to help Sarah sort through her problems. To keep myself honest, I’ll check in here every couple of days.

Here is a little peek at something I’ve written so far.

Dinosaur breath

I hope you it made you smile.

Until the next post


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