“Highlight of My Day”

I am doing a mini blog on Instagram and Facebook. Because I have several followers that don’t do social media, the posts will be here too.

I have been in Phoenix for a week. Before today, I would have honestly said the love is gone. Were it not for friends and family, I would not return. The large population renders the individual invisible. Then…..I decided to explore via public transportation. I have to say it is impressive. And ironically, it restored my appreciation for the city that raised me. When the busses are at the stop early, they wait. In this story the bus was waiting. I hustled to catch it. Let’s say I wasn’t going to win any Olympic records, but it was enough to elevate my heart rate. As I reached the back door, the bus pulled away. Open mouthed from shock at the unexpected turn of events, stood there in the heat and watched it drive down the road. In half a beat, my eyes connected with a man who was at the stop waiting for a different bus. Both of us cracked up laughing. I doubled over, he pointed at me as if to say “it sucks to be you.” Which just made a laugh harder. That moment in my life mattered. It was only the two of us. He said it was the highlight of his day. Honestly, it was mine too.

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