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Merri Maywether

I like to make people laugh and then say, "hmmm." If I have done that then I have successfully changed the way you have seen the world.

Why Do I Fast?

Now we know from prior writings that my fat talks to me. Well it was not pleased with the sudden decrease in consumption of (of all things) bacon and fried chicken. Here I am trying to be more sophisticated and the country (as my dad likes to say, because he didn’t raise me ghetto) comes out. On Sundays people would talk about the great things happening in their lives. The wannabe holy Trish could only cry about the loss of a longtime love in her life…bacon.

Why Do I Listen to My Sister?

Mile 2.5. The last song on the ipod was halfway throughand the old couple tried passing me. What? Oh no they didn’t I increased my pace. The legs were torn. Memories of long strides came to them and they wanted to run like in the old days. Then that stupid fat, like a bad boyfriend trying to stick around tried to ruin their mojo.

Happy Happy Happy

Today-there was a dovetail with my technology. My youtube, blog and social networking. Like the cords of a rope my personality is complete and stronger. I used to have it all together with yahoo 360. There was a group of friends to share stories and encourage each other […]

Back at the writing wheel

Mrs. B has been out of the writing routine for quite some time. Apparently getting a degree via online courses are far more difficult than I imagined. The only thing left is writing the thesis, so it’s time to get back to being me. I miss me. The […]

The Perfect Gift

My youngest son Charlie has a look of pure delight when he is with his brother Chris.  It is a look I have seen for fifteen years.  When Charlie couldn’t walk he’d watch Chris-his eyes taking in every action.  Now he is fifteen and tortuously (is that even […]