Arizona Adventure

One time when I was at church I decided to sit outside for the message. When this happens you wind up being around other people that don’t want to, or can’t be quiet in the sermon.  Yep small children.  Fortunately these ones were able to be quiet so I could hear the sermon. These kids couldn’t sit still. A baby caught my eye. She sat on the ground by her father and saw the flowers from the trees on the ground.  Anyone that has been around kids knows what comes next.  The flowers went into her mouth.  Except they must have tasted pretty good, because she kept on stuffing her mouth.

So I call her dad’s attention to the situation.  He takes a stick out of her hand and gives her a bottle.   She put the bottle in her mouth with the flowers and returned to eating the flowers sans formula. Clearly dad had not spent 20 years of his life reading parenting books or magazines.  His daughter wasn’t hungry. Children use theirs mouths to explore.

This is not me. Several years back I read an interview with Michael Crichton. He said that he eats pretty much the same food when he writes.  This way his creativity is focused on his writing not the food. Since he wrote Jurassic Park and other blockbusters the method to the madness proved logical.  I picked up the habit. Which means whenever we go out I get the same food.  The waiter/ess can tell what I am going to eat without bringing me the menu.

For the summer this blog is about adventure.  On the dream road trip I was going to  experience a palatal adventure as well. I forgot that until this morning. Chris and I went to Mimi’s cafe.  The old me would have had the bacon breakfast with cheddar cheese on the eggs with a caramel cappuccino.

I sat down and the craziest thing happened you know that angel and devil in the cartoons that lurks over the shoulders tells the character what to do. I had a dinosaur (because Micheal Crichton has moved on) over one shoulder and a little girl over the other shoulder.  The dinosaur was telling me to get what I know would taste good. It was saying, “It’s summer and you gotta be responsible with your money.”  The little girl was saying something about exploring being fun and threw her milk bottle at the dinosaur.

Adventure won.

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I had the Blueberry Inside and Out French Toast. Upon arrival it got the “oh I should have gotten that” seal of approval. Imagine if you will Blueberry french toast, stuffed with a blueberry cream sauce, topped with a strawberry puree and a blueberry and strawberry compote. It looked like something out of a C.S. Lewis book turned movie. Think back to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We all wanted Turkish Delight.  That degree of decadence was on my plate, and it tasted good.

That moment was so delightful I didn’t have to do anything else all day.  Which is a good thing because it is stinkin hot.

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