Arizona Adventures June 1

All year I have been talking about the great American roadtrip that I have never gotten to take.  The El Camino Real in New Mexico, the Ozarks in Arkansas, the world’s biggest McDonald’s in Oklahoma and if I just happened to see the biggest ball of twine on the way it would make the trip all the better. This was to be the summer that was going to happen. Or so I thought.

As the day to leave got closer the reasons why it shouldn’t or couldn’t happen arose. Mainly, I didn’t have anybody that wanted to go with me. Chickens! So now I have this unquenchable burning sense of adventure. It will happen, it just will have to happen within the lovely state of Arizona. Even though they are small they are adventures nonetheless.

Day 1-Arizona is hot!  Right now it is only 98 degress.  Cool enough to have an enjoyable evening, but warm enough to justify eating ice cream.  Just because.  That means a trip to the local DQ to have some banana splits.  Yeah I could make them myself at home, but that wouldn’t count as an adventure. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the most fun!

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  1. I know what you mean! My road trip got canceled because the person I was going with was a chicken too. Sometimes you have to make it on your own though, even if no one else supports you. I’m thinking of hitchhiking across the country soon, and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who isn’t a Chicken to do that with me. Go!

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