Arizona Adventures June 2

First my adventure started with a yoga day spa experience. I have this love you, maybe I don’t thing going with Rodney Yee. He is the yogamaster until I have to do something like the three legged downward dog.  Then he is a bad person that is bringing pain on an innocent woman that is trying to maintain her health with as little pain as possible. It didn’t go so well today. Finally I turned off the dvd and practiced equally hard yoga poses I saw in a Yoga Fit magazine. After an hour I questioned my love of yoga and with spaghetti noodles for arms and legs and thought about pursuing another adventure.

Providentially I remembered an episode of cribs I watched earlier this year. The show featured this record label owner who also owned his very own island! What does one do on their personal island. This guy was eager to share. His entire family was (get this!) chillin like normal people. His kids were playing ping pong

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and his wife and daughter were sitting in hammocks reading books.  So we wouldn’t be disappointed he shared with us, the viewers, a special guest.  Lo and behold Mariah Carey was enjoying the private island atmosphere with her friends.  They were drinking wine and just taking in the experience.

Well if it’s good enough for millionares that own islands its good enough for me. I laid out on my futon in the living room. (Hey it’s Arizona unless it is midnight it’s too hot to sit out on a hammock.  The pages of the book would spontaneously combust.) Took my feet up off the floor and read a book.

To make the experience authentic I had some pasta from Fresh N Easy (because I couldn’t get anybody to cook for me) and a glass of white wine.  The wine was a good thing-50 pages into the book I realized I was reading the sequel not the original story. Grrrr! Keepin it positive I didn’t get so far into it that I couldn’t go back. Right?

Every adventure has some relaxation. Today was that day for me.  Until tomorrow.

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    • I’m breaking it down…I’m just doing it with a paintbrush instead of a hammer :o)

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