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A long, long time ago I had a secret prayer. Come to think of it, I’ve had several secret prayers. Except for the winning the lottery one they were all pretty noble. And, I think a lot of people have that winning the lottery prayer, so don’t go judging. Anyway, my prayer was that the things I read in the Bible would be as real to me as the day they happened.

I have to confess a problem. Have you run into Christians that have that ethereal voice when they talk about things they consider holy?  I don’t have that.  If anything like that came out of my say it like it is, secondhand country mouth it would be so bogus God himself would say “oh please!” My secret request has put me in a place. Rather than embarrass God, I just don’t talk about my faith.  Or so I thought.

Chris, Charlie and I are sitting in the barber shop when I get these flashing floaty things in my eye. I got them once before and thought it was an allergic reaction to Benadryl.  Ha ha that’s funny-Benadryl is for allergies. Anyway these flashing floaties are in my eye again and I’ve, since the last incident, switched to Claritin. Then the thought comes to me that maybe God had answered another secret prayer. The one where I can see Jesus or angels and not be scared when I see them-and this flashy thing is like the preview we see at the movies.

Of course my eyes are doing weird things because I’m looking hard for the pending miraculous phenomenon. “What are you doing?” Chris asks, except he said it like I was the glaze short of a cinnamon roll. He killed my thunder by telling me that it was probably my retina detaching from my head. He added that we can’t live to be old because we’d be blind and have organs falling off.

“Uh uh, that is so not true!” I am really indignant. “Methuselah lived to be 969 years old!”

“Who is that?” Charlie leans over and joins the conversation.

“Noah’s father,” I’m talking about these guys like they’re the next door neighbor.

Without missing a beat Charlie says, “That was back in the day.”

“Yeah before the flood,” Chris added like it was something we saw on CNN.

“O.k good point,” and the conversation goes on about how the oxygen content pre flood and post flood would corroborate the whole man won’t live past 120 years thing.

And, I laughed a happy mother laugh. Charlie who is not fond of church and I am always worried about embarrassing God are talking about events in the bible, in an as matter of fact conversation. Chris who has always been the good one out of the three of us did not have the wise pastor voice either.

One day I will get to see that angel and live to share the story.

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