108 degrees Arizona Adventure Returns

The problem with adventures is they rarely give you time to sit down to write.  The good thing about Arizona is there is an automatic “reflection” time built within the season.  This reflection is invoked by hot temperatures that demand you sit still or risk being a victim of spontaneous combustion.   June, July and August are the months most Arizonans ask each other, “Why exactly did we decide to live here?”

On a positive note, all those adventures I had and wrote in a journal can now be chronicled in my blog. So here we go.

One place to have fun in Arizona is what I call a game zones.  There’s Fiddlesticks, Dave and Busters and Gameworks.  These are the quintessential virtual reality getaway.  There is something else I should share-I can be cheap.  Why pay to play a game that we have at home.  I like the old school strategy games, and I am so frugal we have every game system we ever bought.

So a good adventure is to pull out the old school games and challenge friends and family to good natured competition. My absolute favorite is Tetris. What makes it even more fun is talking smack talk.  Fortunately my family doesn’t read this blog so this won’t kill anyone’s self esteem. I talk alot of smack about beating people and then magically pull out the good sport card when I lose.  That’s because I know I’m going to lose, because I always lose. The smack talk just makes it seem like I am competition.

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Back in the day I was good enough to be able to play 30 minutes straight without being eliminated.  Thanks to the Wii, my Tetris skilled have been neglected. So this time around were lucky if we could get in an eight minute game.  And, yes it was my fault. But that was o.k. because the winner got the cumulative squares.

Come to find out we never finished the game.  This version of Tetris uses the bricks to build man made wonders around the world. This was a bonus, it was a virtual road trip-less the rude people.  We were only something like one million bricks away.  At first I was like we’re never gonna make it. Then I realized we are in the season of over 100 degree weather.  Now I realized why we live in Arizona.  When it gets so hot that it is uncomfortable to move.  We don’t have to-we can just sit on our couches and have an virtual adventure. For those of us that want free air conditioning, you can play the same game at the mall. Although it really isn’t free if you are paying to play the game.  But hey, that’s an entirely different blog altogether.

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