What Are You Doing This Summer

What Are You Doing This Summer? Every time someone asks me what I am doing over the summer I have the same reaction. I don’t know. The obvious answer is: write. I am going to write. However, that… Read More

Two Scooters, One Cup, Zero Kids

Maybe it was delirium from mowing the lawn in an Arizona August, or since it was Sunday, it could have been divine intervention-regardless a really good idea came to the front of my mind. We don’t have to wait for the kids to have fun.

Wait and See

Life did not say anything. Translated, that meant wait and see. Wait and see? I do not like wait and see. I’m the kind of person that googles the plot spoiler when the story is too suspenseful. What was I waiting to see?

Arizona Adventure

I had a dinosaur (because Micheal Crichton has moved on) over one shoulder and a little girl over the other shoulder. The dinosaur was telling me to get what I know would taste good. It’s summer and you gotta be responsible with your money. The little girl was saying exploring is fun and threw her milk bottle at the dinosaur.

108 degrees Arizona Adventure Returns

What makes it even more fun is talking smack talk. Fortunately my family doesn’t read this blog so this won’t kill anyone’s self esteem. I talk alot of smack about beating people and then magically pull out the good sport card when I lose. That’s because I know I’m going to lose, because I always lose.

Arizona Adventure June 10

This has to be what those people feel like when they reach the top of Mount Kilamannjaro. So I’m counting it as an adventure.

Arizona Adventure June 4 (I know I’m behind)

AJ borrows Uncle Randy’s shorts and the dynamic duo is off. Twelve minutes later through heaving breaths AJ declares “that old dude is fit!” Now he knows why I didn’t go running with them.

Summer Adventure June 3

They thought they were being “too cool” to outwardly appreciate the joke. To the observers eye it looked like they had a synchronized gas passing experience.

Arizona Adventures June 2

Well if it’s good enough for millionares that own islands its good enough for me. I laid out on my futon in the living room. (Hey it’s Arizona unless it is midnight it’s too hot to sit out on a hammock. The pages of the book would spontaneously combust.) Took my feet up off the floor and read a book.