10 Moments that Changed My Life

man looking out window

7. The time Derek, the first born of the four, sat us down to tell us he was joining the marines. It was the first of many sit downs initiated by our children. For the record-that wasn’t in any of the parenting books I read.

What Direction are You Running?

What does this have to do with adventure you ask. I’ll tell you. The same situation that made me run away, is the impetus for this beautiful, yet safe chapter in life. My problems still exist, but they aren’t giants meant to be slayed. They are what one of my wise friends aptly stated “something you have to go through.” And just because my life isn’t at stake, or I am comfortable (yes, we finally got a bed and real furniture) doesn’t make the experiences less “exciting.”

Never too Late to Learn a New Trick

Girlfriends, remember when we were kids and our moms made the pigtails too tight? Yeah it was one of those headaches. Except, my hair is curly, so I couldn’t take out the ponytail. If I did, we’d have a Macy Gray situation on our hands.

It’s Writing Material

What happened next I can now laugh about because I’m sharing the story, but at the time left me butt hurt.

Who You Listen to Makes All the Difference

Over the past week I had the privelige of seeing a phenomenon that still has me thinking.  Who am I listening to?  And, is that the right person to look to in that particular situation.  It was watching a pivotal moment… Read More

Repaying Goodness with Kindness

This evening something so shocking happened I caught myself crying.  But the story didn’t start today.  It began last week.  My reading from last week motivated me to put a little more kindness in my life. So, I… Read More

Every dream is a good one.

Seventeen years ago I was a divorcee with two small children.  My oldest was four and the youngest was two.  They were and still are my world.  Having said that, I was looking for something a little more exciting… Read More

Getting Ready to Talk to Jesus Face to Face

Never in my life have I been so happy to hear the misuse of a car horn. I was so happy I yelled back like a New Yorker. “Talk to the Bozo in the Jeep over there!”

Rules Can Be Broken

A momentary silence was followed by, “I would rather have an alive child, than a dead right child, so if the roads are icy let the cars go.”