What Direction are You Running?

Adventure is not running away from something, it is running towards something. In the beginning the something is heart pounding and feels dangerous, or as I am finding it is grows into being something that is heartwarming and safe. Moreover, just because it feels safe doesn’t make it any less exciting.

This bears importance because two weeks after we moved into the house-I ran away from home. We were responsible for cleaning/organizing the house after not one, but two deaths in the family.  The last time I saw this much stuff in one place was when I was at a Super Wal Mart.  It was daunting.  Nobody had been in the house for a year.  It was dusty.  There was so much in the house there was no room for our possessions.  It was full.  We slept on air mattresses and used patio furniture.  It was uncomfortable with a capital “u.”  Add some well intentioned, but not well timed family interference and it was more than I could take.  I left and announced I was never coming back ever again.   Taylor Swift’s song was my theme music.  I didn’t know where I was going, but it wasn’t back into that chaos.

As it happens unless you press that repeat button on the ipod, the music changed and I was resentfully back in the house three days later. Then an angel named Artha was sent from heaven and she came knocking on our door with Angel Food cake and information.  Like where to find gasoline closer than the 30 mile distance we were driving. And, how to kill those annoying little bugs that get in through the window screens.

And she invited me to the monthly birthday luncheon. Once a month a group of women get together and the birthday girls get birthday cards.  “We don’t exchange presents because we all have too much stuff as it is,” she explained.  I looked at the mountain of “stuff” behind me and thanked the Lord. I knew these women were a godsend meant to guide me to the next adventure. Except, none of them are interested in things like Tough Mudder, or Insanity or learning how to climb a rope.

What do we do as this “Birthday Club?” you ask.  We do what women do best.  We solve the world’s problems, we solve each other’s problems. We eat, laugh,  encourage and remember the trials that we’ve endured.  Then we read all the birthday cards. This month we added practicing  hair braiding after reading about the newest style in Glamour magazine.

image of women talking

Behind me we are looking at birthday cards, talking and eating goodies.

birthday cards

This is the stash of cards I received.











The double french braid as seen in Glamour magazine.

The double french braid as seen in Glamour magazine.

What does this have to do with adventure you ask.  I’ll tell you.  The same situation that made me run away, is the impetus for this beautiful, yet safe chapter in life.  My problems still exist, but they aren’t giants meant to be slayed.  They are what one of my wise friends aptly stated “something you have to go through.” And just because my life isn’t at stake, or I am comfortable (yes, we finally got a bed and real furniture) doesn’t make the experiences less “exciting.” I’ve looked at the title of my blog and considered the recent events and have grown to realize adventure is embracing change and working within the parameters given. It is sticking with something when you want to run away and realizing that underneath or behind whatever is frustrating, is something amazing.  But you can only have it, if you stick around.

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