Repaying Goodness with Kindness

This evening something so shocking happened I caught myself crying.  But the story didn’t start today.  It began last week. 

My reading from last week motivated me to put a little more kindness in my life. So, I have made a concsious effort to express appreciation for the good things in my life.  Meaning the people. Really, I have been gifted with great people.  Inspiring people.  People that make me do good and want to do better. Another thing I do is write a page in my journal of all the good things that the day gave me.  The list ranges from the overlooked like clean water to the great things like that wonderful day trip to Flagstaff.

The result has been a paradigm shift. When there is an opportunity to be cranky I don’t take it.  Case in point.  I’m leaving the grocery store with heavy bags loaded with food that my high attitude teenager will not appreciate, but eat nonetheless. My feet hurt from walking in shoes that are not Converse.  All this after working an 11 hour day.  Crankiness tried to wedge itself into my attitude, but all I could do was think about how good it felt to be tired.

How good it felt to be tired? Yes. The faces of the parents went through my mind. Each one eliciting a smile.  The look on a friend’s face while we shared a Starbucks moment fleeted long enough for me to taste the carmel from the macciato . Pride swelling from a former student as they showed their 8th grade report card yielded another after the fact smile. 

 I was thinking to myself, “Wow my feet really hurt.  I’ll be glad when I get home.” And then it happened. Two college age boys approached me in the parking lot. Usually in my neighborhood I am greeted in the parking lot by people that want money so they can get some food. (We’re thinking positive here). One of them said, “M’am you shouldn’t be carrying those groceries.” Took them out of my hands and carried them to the car.  They placed the groceries in the car and said, “God Bless” and were gone.

I was and am still stunned.  I felt my heart breaking. Except this time it was from joy. To be treated with kindness that expected no recompense, I cried. 

I do have a lot of good things and people in my life.  Remember I write a page of them everyday.   Then a new emotion, worry, entered my awareness.  I worried that I’d be caught in a moment where I didn’t have a tissue in my purse. But wisdom tapped my shoulder and offered a logical explanation. Now I know why old ladies stuff their shirts.  All this time I thought it was to look bustier.

So today two things were learned.  There still is a lot of goodness in the world. And, it’s never to late to learn a new trick.

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