10 Moments that Changed My Life

We’ve all had them.  Life is going one way.  Sometimes we like the direction and other times we are looking for the winds of change and then BAM! or sometimes the bam is a whisper. But it happens. You have a moment and your life is never going to be the same.  I try to keep the blog in the 500 word range so the descriptions of the 10 will be brief. And I must warn you: At the end I’m going to ask you to share some of your 10.

1. The birth of my sons. There is nothing like have a miniature person with hopes, dreams and amazing potential to bring out the warrior princess in a once timid girl.  You can mess with me, but if you mess with my babies by birth or marriage…You will say the following two words-Uh oh!

husband and wife in a selfie

His most used phrase, “I am never bored.”

2. Marrying my husband. I’ll have another blog on the virtues of marriage. So let’s leave it at that and go on the the next.

3. The moment I realized I didn’t have all the answers.  Charlie, the fourth of our four children was a handful.  He learned by watching the other three and created his own “learning experiences.” One day I admitted to him that I did not know how to handle the conflict he was creating.  It scared the both of us. As means of support he would sit next to me on the couch as I read parenting books.  He still was a handful, but looking back I realize those times on the couch reading were the sign that both of us were going to come out of this alive.  And I’m proud to say we did.

4. The birth of our grandson Zachary. Being there to hear Jami say, “Now I know I can do anything if I set my mind to it.” Do I need to say anymore?

5. Spanks-I am a woman with certain vanities. Can’t help it and this serves as reminder that a) I’m not the only one b)there are women smart enough to help me accept it.

6. Moving to Montana.  This is the only place where I have been where everybody and I mean everybody is nice. If they think they are being mean they apologize. For the first time in my life, my personality fits in with an entire community.

7. The time Derek, the first born of the four, sat us down to tell us he was joining the marines.  It was the first of many sit downs initiated by our children.  For the record-that wasn’t in any of the parenting books I read.

man looking out window

We have a beautiful country.

8. The road trip across the lower United States with our son Chris.  We have the best country in the world. What better way to see it than in a Chevy Truck with an iphone camera to record it.

9. Blogging. I have friendships from all over the world that started with a mutual love of writing and reading.

10. Teaching: Seeing the eye roll and hearing, “I know Mrs. B. I gotta believe in myself” is the overtime pay I needed. 

There are many, many more.  Friendships, successes and falls. Those will be future blog topics. And as promised I close with this question. What are some moments that changed you?

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