Dad Knew What He Was Doing?!

A friend that has gorgeous daughters brought this story back to memories.  She has three gorgeous daughers; and if they have her sense of humor and bubbly personality-boys will be an issue in the years to come.  So I told the father of the three girls, also known as the friend’s husband a little secret my dad used that kept the boys at bay.

Before the WNBA and Mia Hammond athletic girls were called tomboys.  Yeah I liked Barbie, but if I had my druthers I would much rather run around outside and climb trees and play anything that required running. This attracted more male friends into my life than female ones.  

 One day three boys come a knockin on my door to see if, “Trish can come out to play.” What happened next still brings shock and horror to my heart.  The man who I thought was my father became a  a a something.  All’s I know is something that was wearing my father’s clothes went running down the street yelling expletives at the boys with his statement ending, “stay away from my daughter!”

I was horrified, horrified, horrified.  In my head, because I knew better than to say it aloud,   I didn’t want to get eaten,  I vowed never to go the park again.  That lasted for three days and life resumed it’s normality, with the only exception being the boys waited for me at the park instead of coming to fetch me at the door.

That one act sent a message for the world. Boys would be my friend but I could not get a date to save my life until I was 18. At the time I thought he was crazy.  After having a batch of children of my own I figured out that Dad really knew what he was doing.

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