Southern Food

This year I’m going to be thirty plus twelve.  So I got an idea, and invited my bible study class to come over and share some country food. I love all kinds of food, but my heart really gets into food from the Southern region of the states.  So I’m planning and it’s good:  potato salad, collard greens,  and corn “with sugar in it.”  My dad will call me before I make the corn and remind me to put sugar in it.  “Make sure you give it to em sweet”  I know because he always does.  I’m hoping to have brownies with ice cream and caramel sauce.  I know cobbler would be more southern but it’s my party.

So now I’m trying to decide if I should have BBQ chicken or fried chicken and think to ask Mr. B, my  party cohost . He respondimage of birthday cakes with “We should get chicken from El Pollo Loco.”

“El Pollo Loco”  I question, “That’s not country food.”

“Yeah but its Southern”  He uses as his defense

I just look at him.  So he adds, “When  you’re from Montana that is food from the South”  He’s got a good point there. I had no comeback.  Which is a rare thing for me.

We both just laughed.  He’s right.  For him that would be Southern.  I love my meat and potato eating, bagel loving husband.  And, don’t be too surprised if you come to my house and get El Pollo Loco.

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