Are They Really Ready?

O.k. We are going back to school.  I am teaching and my sons are going to college.  Charlie is my baby and the did I teach him all he needed to know about life questions are lurking in the recesses of my mind.  So those last minute conversations are frequent in our home.    Yeah I am biased, but I can see some girl breaking my son’s heart.  One night while cooking dinner I decided to have the “girl” talk.  His older brother has resorted to telling an admiring female that he was engaged to deter an overly aggressive interested female. I introduce the topic with this small fact and proceed to go into the conversation. Only, to be stopped cold. 

“Mom, remember who you are talking to.” (uh oh!  he has been commenting on the “females” lately) ” I was the one who punched a girl in the stomach in second grade when she tried to kiss me.”

Well at least we got that one topic covered.

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