The Best Idea Ever…

I’m working on a story for this week’s podcast. If all goes well it will be a sweet Halloween story. Here’s what I have so far. ..

Luna’s tail wagged behind her, swishing as she shuffled her way to the escalator. In a moment of brilliance, she decided to play the part of a girl dinosaur. Earlier in the day, Luna giggled when she glued a red ribbon to the top of her inflatable t-rex costume. This had to be her best idea ever.

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Travel from one place to the next had been buried in the back of her mind when she chose the costume for the staff Halloween party. In a few minutes, that wouldn’t matter; Luna would be with her friends launching the Halloween weekend activities.

The t-Rex head bobbed so far to the right and left it <threw off> Luna’s balance a couple of times. She passed by the marble-topped security desk and tiptoed by the indoor plants so her tail wouldn’t collide with them. She opened the door to the “Fiesta Room” and rawred.

The heads seemed to pivot in synchronicity. Everyone in the room directed their attention to Luna. Mouths dropped. Either her friend Marcy <dropped> her drink, or she ducked to avoid Luna’s pleading gaze to save her.

Everyone else was in costume like they said they would be. Brad was dressed as a sexy Superman. He applied pomade to his hair to make it look like someone ran her fingers through it.

Behind him, the four front office girls were dressed like the ghosts in the retro game, Pac-man. Nate, the maintenance man, was wearing a yellow shirt with a felt triangle adhered to the side to make it look like he was the yellow video game warrior searching for white pellets.

Barb from accounting was the first to speak. “Wow, you take your costumes seriously.” Her dark brown eyes poked through a black leather masquerade mask lined with onyx cabochons. The dark gems matched the sequins in Barb’s flapper dress. Nobody would have ever guessed she was the straight-laced, stuffy, legal aid who made sure everyone pushed in their file cabinet drawers.

Luna scanned the room. The tail swished on the ground behind her as she rotated, hoping to find someone, anyone who may have also zealously adhered to the guidelines. Dress so nobody would know who you are. She wanted to point at Brent, who wore a Fred Flinstone costume, and say, “I know that it’s you beneath that potato sack.”

Briefly, all eyes shifted to the far corner of the room. Luna’s curiosity got the best of her. She looked in the corner to see another t-rex and pipped her excitement. Somebody else was as goofy as her. She waddled across the room toward him. Or at she thought it was a him. He met her in the middle. It was hard for Luna to tell who it was. The plastic shield reflected off of the man’s glasses. Luna practically bounced in excitement. When it was just one person looking different, people stare. Add another <blip> to the equation, and people accepted the anomaly as a cute quirk.

Luna waved with her miniature t-rex hand. “Nice to meet you. I don’t mean to be so primitive, but I have to ask. Is there a Mrs. t-rex joining you?” The other dinosaur rotated to his right and to his left as though he were making sure Luna was talking to him. He <scooted> closer to her and said, “As a matter of fact, I don’t.” Then he took her by the hand. “I am open to changing that.”

Both costumes shook with their laughter. “Let me get you a drink,” the boy dinosaur said.

“I don’t accept drinks from strangers.” Luna wagged her hand at him. She imagined it didn’t have the foreboding effect she intended.

“That’s easy enough to fix. I’m Keldon. 

I’ll be working on this all week. If I get it right, it will be a podcast by Saturday afternoon.

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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