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Saturday Night When You Live with A Musician

Usually, on Saturday evenings, I write and my husband plays his guitar. For years I have tried to capture him playing. Usually what happens is he stops to see what I’m doing, the heater kicks on and overshadows the music, or when I turn on the camera he stops playing.

This time the stars aligned. Of course, it would happen when I wasn’t wearing makeup. But that’s okay, when you hear what life is like in our home you won’t notice…I hope. So here is a short video of a Saturday night in our home.

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  1. So relaxing and easy to listen to. If this was nighttime, I would be falling asleep because the music is so soothing.

    • I’m tempted to compare pieces I’ve written when he’s played to when it is quiet to see if there is a difference in my writing tone.

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