Two Scooters, One Cup, Zero Kids

Maybe it was delirium from mowing the lawn in an Arizona August, or since it was Sunday, it could have been divine intervention-regardless a really good idea came to the front of my mind. We don’t have to wait for the kids to have fun.

Little Rascals Got Nothing On Me

Last week I made home made jam.  It was so good, I gave it away.  Except I gave too much away and didn’t save any for myself.  Isn’t that the rule.  If you make something to share it… Read More

Eye opener at the Eye Opener!

This morning we went to my favorite local breakfast spot:  The Eye Opener.  It is one of those businesses that remains because the people in the community call it their second home.  I could go there in my… Read More

Southern Food

This year I’m going to be thirty plus twelve.  So I got an idea, and invited my bible study class to come over and share some country food. I love all kinds of food, but my heart really… Read More

I Still Remember

So, when Chris recalled the story I recalled the moral. See you two still get along and don’t fight. Wasn’t it worth it?
Chris’s response was, “We don’t fight because we’re still scared of you, you’re crazy, mom.”Charlie nodded in agreement.

My three favorite things (note I said things not people or anything of that nature) are coffee, food and books. I love to read or write and drink coffee. If not that then I’m content being in the… Read More

Arizona Adventure

I had a dinosaur (because Micheal Crichton has moved on) over one shoulder and a little girl over the other shoulder. The dinosaur was telling me to get what I know would taste good. It’s summer and you gotta be responsible with your money. The little girl was saying exploring is fun and threw her milk bottle at the dinosaur.