What’s So Good about Friday?

Everybody loves the Christmas story. The Easter story? That brings levels of belief out quicker than a match struck in a natural gas plant. This is when I have heard people outside of Christianity mock the message of… Read More

Weakness or Strength?

scripture verse with sunrise as background. But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses

I was so excited to get those presents into the hands of the people I love that I obliviously stepped from the top step to the pavement. The crack in my right foot and the lightning rushing through my left knee brought thunder to my head. I wanted to cry. That’s when vanity spoke up.

The Power of Words

Bible verse with cloudy background

The point: my response to the negative light cast upon police officers has been silence. Until now. Actually it is the same response I have towards negative aspersions cast upon anyone who has dedicated their lives towards making this country a better place. When are we going to say thank you? When are we going to say I pray for you? Why must we be quick to condemn and slow to appreciate? And lastly, why are we punishing the whole for the actions of the few? Trust me I feel punished when I hear the acerbic tone in your response of support to either side in this issue. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Goodbye to the Land of Not Good Enough

The letter writer was in a place where she didn’t want to share because it wasn’t good enough. If I could have responded I would have said, “you’re not the only one honey!”

Middle School Isn’t That Bad….

In three week this relatively relaxed and, actually, kind of bored teacher will return to her professional calling which is the interesting life of middle school.  Which means I will return to the days of goofy boys who… Read More

Sometimes You Have to Live It to Believe

Pastor Tommy Barnett says many memorable things, but two are pertinent to this story. The first one is:  If you want to make your life better, help somebody else improve theirs. My response to Pastor Barnett had been,… Read More

In a moment of vulnerabilty, I cried out to God and asked why. Anybody that knows God, knows he doesn’t answer that question, he tells you the next step you are going to take.

Cure for Last Minute Shopping

So…..in the last blog I mentioned that my shopping isn’t done. Not because this blogger is a procrastinator.  That would be an easy cure, somebody would say something like, “get your act together sister girl,” and I would… Read More


I have to confess a problem. Have you run into Christians that have that ethereal voice when they talk about things they consider holy? I don’t have that. If anything like that came out of my say it like it is, secondhand country mouth it would be so bogus God himself would say “oh please!”