Cure for Last Minute Shopping

So… the last blog I mentioned that my shopping isn’t done. Not because this blogger is a procrastinator.  That would be an easy cure, somebody would say something like, “get your act together sister girl,” and I would do it.  My shopping isn’t done, because I bought presents on Black Friday and then gave them away on Saturday.  Love was abounding on that day.

To resist the urge of commiting a random act of kindness I decided to do some shopping today.  At this point in the season the psycho shoppers are done and I my only distraction is encouraging the red eye shoppers. They are easy to spot because their eyes are bloodshot and they’re asking that doll that talks by herself to, “please be quiet.”  Don’t judge, I’m calling it at I see it; and since I’m one of them it’s called confession.

I should clarify, this will probably be the last year I am one of them, because I have been cured.

My shopping adventures commenced at Hobby Lobby.  There I found the most adorable windchimes, that had a cross and a Christian saying. (By the way, Gail, do not say anything to your mother about a Jesus windchime until after Christmas.)  They were so cute I was going through other people’s list to justify buying more than what I needed. 

From there I walked to my favorite place in the world, Borders. Life was good.  I had Jesus windchimes in my bag and, if things went my way the Christmas cards would be done over a cup of hot cocoa in the coffee shop. Alas, things weren’t to go my way this evening. 

I walked through the door and the alarm went off.  This was one of those moments where too many things happened at once.  My glee with the windchimes changed to confusion. The first thought was, “Why would they put anti theft stickers in a Jesus windchime?” 

Precisely as that thought crossed my mind, a man in a Santa suit yelled, “Freeze.” What did I do, I froze.  Remember the blog post about each day being a gift?  That went out the proverbial window.  I freaked. The next thought hit.  Santa is going to think I stole the windchime!  Followed by, that will definitely get me on the naughty list.  The crescendo being, “I don’t want to be on the naughty list three days before Christmas!”

The good man that he is, Santa stepped in to save me from myself. He looked at me and said with an awkard chuckle, “I wasn’t talking to you, you were nowhere near the sensor.”   We both looked at the sensor and noticed that I was the only person in the vicinity that froze.  Everyone else went about their business.

When some people get stressed they work out, call a friend, eat.  I, went to the coffee house and bought a triple chocolate hot cocoa and made a promise to myself.  Next year, I’ll just tell people what I bought for them and make them wait until Christmas to get the present.  That way I don’t have to keep a secret and won’t have to go shopping three days before Christmas ever again.  

Sounds like a good plan to me, I’ll let you know how it works next year, around this time.

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