Horse Therapy 1

This weekend I went with a group of our National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) students to volunteer at a horse refuge.  Anybody that knows me, knows it wasn’t for my strength, or knowledge of animals.  This writer is good at making people laugh, and seeing the beauty in the moment.  The kids did the work and I recorded the fun. In the end we all had horse therapy of sorts. The explanation will be in subsequent blogs.  This blog is proof that my newest interest is in fact real.

Since acquiring the iphone Angry Birds has been my newest interest.  Who would have thought those stupid rate, distance and speed questions we learned in math class were  valid questions. What does angry birds have to do with horse therapy?  In addition to helping horses, the refuge takes in goats and pigs.  Most of  the responsibilities involved cleaning the cages and providing the

animals with fresh water and food.  It was very peaceful and quiet and after three hours the stress from the crazy week was blown away by the wind.





At first when I saw the pigs I made a joke and asked the pigs to not express their anger towards me.  I think my exact words were, “Please don’t be mad at me because I play angry birds.  The kids thought it was funny and various other jokes were passed along.  And, yes I did work.  I worked enough to get an appetite that matched my 13 year old companions. When we returned we learned that the plot a mutually beloved game was indeed true.

Apparently it is common practice for the pigs to go into the chicken coop.  They go in there because they like the shade.


The pigs will hang out in the chicken coop and the chickens go bezerk.  The chicken’s distress doesn’t phase the pigs and they act like the coop is their second home.






Once they are out in the open the chickens are happy.  This one, thought it would get a last word in with the pig.



After seeing this we did what any person that has a high degree of book smarts and access to technology would do. We sat down for a moment, pulled out our cell phones and played Angry Birds.


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