When All Else Fails Laughter Will Fix It

This is the summer where I returned to forgotten dreams. Well they weren’t really forgotten, they were put aside while I raised the family.

I had heard old, old people (that’s code for people so old I don’t want to know the real number of years they’ve been on this planet) say they still feel like they’re teenagers even though they don’t look like it. At the time I understood, but didn’t get it. Kind of like catching a cold, the misery in theory is a lot different than the experience.

Now I get it! When those running shoes go on my feet my mind goes back to 1983. That was the year my life changed. Finally I was good at something. Unfortunately my body is in 2011. And let me tell you, even though the shoes cost more they don’t work as well, because I am a lot slower.

And if I’m going to disclose some truths I may as well bear them all. My motivation level isn’t as uhm perky as 1983 either. And, good habits take work to develop. If they were so easy, everybody would have them.

But, there is a big plus. First the realization that my strength lies within my weaknesses. I have developed the gift of being able to laugh at the discomfort that comes when trying to reignite a dream. Every push-up (the girl’s kind of course) is an action that get’s me closer to meeting the challenge.

Even though I want to hurt my husband during the running workout, it is something that brings us closer. The same way we laughed when our children tried things, stumbled, tried again and made it; we laugh at our new milestones, and my ability to take complaining to a level that is comedic.

Consider this my invitation to you. What dreams lurk in the back of your mind, waiting to be recognized? Is it time for one of them to get a little more attention. If it’s difficult and may elicit whining, complaining, or a big bottle of aspirin that’s the dream you revisit first. The good dreams are the ones that give you a headache because you aren’t able to wrap your mi d around them. The beauty of a good dream is this: it is big enough to handle whatever you give it.


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