True Love

A true lover knows things about their partner he or she doesn’t recognize in themselves. And, in a moment of time they’ll reveal this knowledge thus strengthening the bond. And here is where my tale begins…..

I have been ill for roughly seven days. In the beginnings of whatever icky bacteria/virus tried to overtake my immune system I slept. A lot. 

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  Having enough of the idleness, I pushed through with the help of a various assortment of cold remedies. Right when I thought the battle was won my voice took on the tone of a tyrannosaurus followed by the sound of gravel pushing out any attempts at communication.   

 Well played ickies, well played. I went back to resting. Like sleeping 20 hours a day resting. It got so bad Facebook sent me an email asking if I was alright. 

This morning I woke and decided enough is enough. I told my better half that during my quarantine cleaning would happen. In his infinite wisdom  he didn’t say much.  I made bread dough for the week. As he walked out the door for church I said something to the effect of lunch being a recipe I read off the internet. The man raised his arms in the air in victory and announced, “My Merri is back!”  

Ham and cheese pinwheels with honey mustard dip

 Apparently when I’m at peace with my world, I’m a really creative cook. Who knew? And this proves the adage (at least in the case of my husband) true: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 

And so this story closed with a wish for you. In this season of giving and blessing, I hope you give as well as receive enthusiastic appreciation for who you are. 


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