The Little Moments

This year for Valentine’s Day I made video cards.  This way the men in my life-my husband and two sons would have the card for a long time.  It’s on youtube and they are going in their cell phones.  Let’s be honest, I can be  goofy, them knowing I love them kind of helps with them tolerating me.  And we all know how I am about presents.  If I have it early you’re gonna get it early.  I can’t help it.  So in my excitement Charlie, my youngest and most challenging child  got his present first.  His comment, made with a big smile was,  “You make all the unimportant moments seem important.” That’s because they are.  How many times is he going to get a first checking account, or allow himself to be seen with me at the mall?  Or,or,or, the list can go on.

In our home the camera can come out without warning.  And thanks to technology I have a camera in my cell phone, in my ipod, a Fuji camera is always in my purse and every once in a while I use an Olympus E310.    Should I go to the big book store in the sky, my family needs to know that, that time we went to the mall together and laughed really meant alot to me, or that time we just went driving for a Coca Cola and laughed touched my heart.

So like my observant child noticed the video is all those moments that were, until this video, unimportant to him.  The moments where I can see his angsty teenager attitude and laugh and get him to laugh with me. And don’t tell him I said this, any time I can get him to laugh or smile, is a momentous occasion in our house.  Just kidding.  Well kind of.

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