That Feeling When

… realize picture montages can be in your blog. Summer is the season when I wake up moving and fall asleep when I sit still for any short amount of time. That is a recipe for unique writing. The metaphorical light hit when 2000 of my pictures went wandering in the cloud and never made it back to the phone. The stories they told–gone. 

That isn’t happening again. So here’s the first in my “That Feeling When”  series. 

It begins with a hailstorm in the middle of harvest and one vehicle.  We had three combines, three semis and my Jeep. They parked the combines to stop for dinner. If you look to the left, hints of rain are in the sky. In the time it took for the drivers to get to my Jeep rain, wind and hail arrived. They’re done for the night. 

  One thing I’ve learned from farm life is just go with whatever life brings. Eight people. Seven grown men and one women would not fit in a Jeep. So we went back to the house in shifts. While the first shift rode home and the three youngest of the group set out to walk. 

One of the best moments of the day. It was that feeling you get when you’re walking on a country road, talking about the past, present and future, and enjoying the company of good friends. 

My hope for you is the experience a good friend moment. The kind that helps you realize adversity is the door for a priceless moment. 

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