That Feeling When People Around You Dream Big Too

The morning began badly. We purchased  fru fru coffee that was supposed to be good but wasn’t. Like I can’t drink it and need to go to the local coffee shop bad.

So that is what I did. And this is what happened…. 

Anybody from the far, far north can attest to the timeliness of the train. I have beat levels in Candy Crush waiting for the train. Fortunately it wasn’t that long and the precious black gold was in my cup and reviving my senses. 

Well today started different and I knew it would be that way until the sun set. So, my characters joined me in my enjoyment of my favorite beverage.  

And opportunities came to me. Various people joined me in my created world and I asked them if what I saw in my mind was plausible, or “what is a better word for?” 

  Let’s just say the word count goal was never met. BUT we designed the coolest zip line ever that included parachutes for extreme wind conditions. 
THEY WERE IN MY WORLD. And it was Amazing. 

And so this blog closes with the wish that good coffee is always in your pantry. And should something happen otherwise–may bad mornings turn into great afternoons. 



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