That Don’t Kill Me-Will Only Make Me Stronger aka why my sister is my hero

My youngest child has been, uhm shall we say, a challenge. The child is doing things I never imagined were possible. Honestly he has been in a 6 month phase that made me consider writing a letter to Dr. Phil.

In desperation I fasted.  Now, because I’m a teacher I can’t do a total fast. So I did an eat fruit during the day and eat one meal fast. To a person with self discipline this seems pansy.  My students will tell you it was hard for me.  My teacher’s assistant recommended I eat my one meal during the school day.  I think it was because I accidently bit a kids finger thinking it was a french fry…just kidding, but I was a bit emotional.  When I wasn’t teaching I was sleeping.  The energy just wasn’t there.

And, you’d think my rotten kid would think “gee mom isn’t eating so she can get a revelation on how to parent me let’s behave.” No, he did the exact opposite. Drove me up the wall.  Finally I screamed the declaration.  “I have HAD IT.  I’m calling Aunt Judy!”

If I’m not mistaken the Hallelujah choir broke through the cosmos and the boys had joined the celestial song. I wasn’t going to let their reverse psychology deter me. Boop beep boop the digits were being dialed.

Three minutes into the call my sister had me laughing so hard my glasses fell off. Ten minutes into the call she was telling me that I needed to put on my big girl panties and cope with the situation.  Fifteen minutes into the call she was threatening to talk with the bad boy herself and the bad boy had the I have been busted sheepish grin. Twenty minutes into the call she stated that fasting was not a good idea and eating should commence immediately. (Did I mention I love my sister) Thirty minutes into the call we were talking about things sisters talk about but don’t really matter to the rest of the world.

My world was not perfect, but it was better. I was able to laugh through the confusion and the heartache that motherhood promises. My sister and I understand that our problems may not be funny today, but they will be 10 years from now.  So why waste the 10 years and enjoy the laugh now.  She’s my hero because when I forget that nugget of wisdom, she’s there to remind me.

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