Eventually They Get It

The strongest tell tale sign of puberty is the voice. A drop in range makes the voice easier to hear so less force is required to project the sound. Fortunately, the kids don’t realize this so I hear every secret they try to hide. And the look of surprise, when confronted with the knowledge that they were thinking of ditching 4th hour is priceless.

Middle School Isn’t That Bad….

In three week this relatively relaxed and, actually, kind of bored teacher will return to her professional calling which is the interesting life of middle school.  Which means I will return to the days of goofy boys who… Read More

A Bandaid Will Fix It

This was our week to go to the library.  Every time, before we visit the library I teach and sometimes reteach my students appropriate library behavior.  When I don’t chaos ensues.  Apparently as time progressed, and I didn’t,… Read More

Never too Late to Learn a New Trick

Girlfriends, remember when we were kids and our moms made the pigtails too tight? Yeah it was one of those headaches. Except, my hair is curly, so I couldn’t take out the ponytail. If I did, we’d have a Macy Gray situation on our hands.

It’s Writing Material

What happened next I can now laugh about because I’m sharing the story, but at the time left me butt hurt.

Stress Happens

It is easy to think correctly, however following through can be an entirely different story. Trust me I know. My mind knows how to eat in a way that would help me get down to a size 8. My taste buds say that size 12 food is better. Thus far, the mind is not winning the argument.

Horse Therapy 1

This weekend I went with a group of our National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) students to volunteer at a horse refuge.  Anybody that knows me, knows it wasn’t for my strength, or knowledge of animals.  This writer is… Read More

If you forward this…..

By the middle of seventh grade, the kids are as tall as, if not taller, than me and look like mini adults.  This makes teaching interesting because they have adult bodies and child like thinking. It is easy… Read More

It Depends on the Perspective

Occasionally at our school we have sub coverage.  Meaning if a colleague is absent we cover there class for a portion of the 50 minutes that we don’t have a class.  This is a source of grumbling, cajoling… Read More

Who You Listen to Makes All the Difference

Over the past week I had the privelige of seeing a phenomenon that still has me thinking.  Who am I listening to?  And, is that the right person to look to in that particular situation.  It was watching a pivotal moment… Read More