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What Direction are You Running?

What does this have to do with adventure you ask. I’ll tell you. The same situation that made me run away, is the impetus for this beautiful, yet safe chapter in life. My problems still exist, but they aren’t giants meant to be slayed. They are what one of my wise friends aptly stated “something you have to go through.” And just because my life isn’t at stake, or I am comfortable (yes, we finally got a bed and real furniture) doesn’t make the experiences less “exciting.”

Good Does Happen

When I was a child, my father yelled at me for having “Rose Colored Glasses.”  He said, I didn’t see the world for how it really is. Since learning that the fire that was coming out of my eyes was in fact the beginnings of the flu, most […]

In a moment of vulnerabilty, I cried out to God and asked why. Anybody that knows God, knows he doesn’t answer that question, he tells you the next step you are going to take.

Your Gift?

This time of the year, the web is aflutter with excited kid responses, to gifts they receive.  The kid starts screaming and runs all over the furniture.  The sight is so unusual the family dog can be seen in the corner of the screen, stunned in stillness. I […]

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Growing Up

I mentioned in earlier posts that I have visited the same dentist for most of my adult life. I visited one other dentist for one visit and let’s just say that ain’t happening ever again!  And if it weren’t for the fact that every year since he has […]