Eventually They Get It

The strongest tell tale sign of puberty is the voice. A drop in range makes the voice easier to hear so less force is required to project the sound. Fortunately, the kids don’t realize this so I hear every secret they try to hide. And the look of surprise, when confronted with the knowledge that they were thinking of ditching 4th hour is priceless.

Never Too Old to Learn

This week the comics from the local paper was the source for our vocabulary words. I got the idea when one of the characters used the word “minutiae.” This was a word I taught the kids the week… Read More

Two Scooters, One Cup, Zero Kids

Maybe it was delirium from mowing the lawn in an Arizona August, or since it was Sunday, it could have been divine intervention-regardless a really good idea came to the front of my mind. We don’t have to wait for the kids to have fun.

Little Rascals Got Nothing On Me

Last week I made home made jam.  It was so good, I gave it away.  Except I gave too much away and didn’t save any for myself.  Isn’t that the rule.  If you make something to share it… Read More

Never too Late to Learn a New Trick

Girlfriends, remember when we were kids and our moms made the pigtails too tight? Yeah it was one of those headaches. Except, my hair is curly, so I couldn’t take out the ponytail. If I did, we’d have a Macy Gray situation on our hands.

Fire From My Eyes

My eyes are on fire.  It feels like little flames are coming out of my nose too.  If you need a mental image think of those scary monster movies where the monster is walking towards the main character… Read More

If you forward this…..

By the middle of seventh grade, the kids are as tall as, if not taller, than me and look like mini adults.  This makes teaching interesting because they have adult bodies and child like thinking. It is easy… Read More

Eye opener at the Eye Opener!

This morning we went to my favorite local breakfast spot:  The Eye Opener.  It is one of those businesses that remains because the people in the community call it their second home.  I could go there in my… Read More

The Old Distract Em Trick

The hubby’s birthday was the 31st.  This presented a double challenge.  First the day is 6, yes count them 6, days after Christmas.  And New Year’s Eve.  Trying to make his birthday significant with so many other things going… Read More

Cure for Last Minute Shopping

So…..in the last blog I mentioned that my shopping isn’t done. Not because this blogger is a procrastinator.  That would be an easy cure, somebody would say something like, “get your act together sister girl,” and I would… Read More