Fire From My Eyes

My eyes are on fire.  It feels like little flames are coming out of my nose too.  If you need a mental image think of those scary monster movies where the monster is walking towards the

This is a clip from a fine art image entitled "Firegazers"

main character with fire blowing out after them.  All this time I thought they were a zombie or something like that.  It turns out they were fighting off a cold or a flu!

At first I didn’t think it was anything.  I was moving slow.  Christopher said backwards, however, methinks he doth exaggerate.

Then he suggested we stop for coffee and I declined.  That should have been the first sign to go home and get back in the bed.

I wanted to leave church 10 mintues after we got there.  My family thought I was trying to dodge holiness and used all kinds of guilt to get me to stay.  You’ll hurt the pastor’s feelings.  Normally that would work, I didn’t care.  That should have been the second sign.  They said if I left they were going with me.  That’s what I need is a house full of men when alls I want to do is sleep.  I took of the contact lenses, put drops in my eyes and toughed it out.

The final sign.  I do not want to eat.  Anybody that knows my love of food knows that before today that was an impossibility. When that happened the family started looking toward the sky for oncoming calamity.

This is how tired I am.  Not only do I not want to drink coffee nor eat, I don’t want to read!  The only thing I can think of handling is writing.  So now we know that I’m not really ill.  I hope I’m not turning into a scary movie zombie or something wierd like that.  If my writing gets too weird, you know what happened.

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