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Rules are Made to be Broken

A sweet clean romance

The story starts off with Charlotte and Will meeting in high school. Will is the first person Charlotte meets on her first day at a new school. The next hour, she befriends Kelsey. Kelsey has one rule…if you want to be my friend, you cannot date my brother. Later in the day, Charlotte discovers the sweet boy she met at the start of the day is the aforementioned off limits dating material.

From there the story picks up ten years later. Will and Charlotte are adults who are doing well in the world. The only thing missing from their lives is that someone special.

Charlotte and Will’s story falls in line with my expectations that a story engages, has great characters, and the surprising situations hook. Yes, it’s a romance and we know there is a happily ever after. I love reading a story and finding myself dropped in a situation that elicits a gasp of “I never saw that,” or a chuckle from, “I can totally see that happening.” This story delivers both.

I finished Rules are Made to be Broken in two one hour sessions. So, it is a quick read. With that being said, the plot lingers long after the last page is turned, which is why I am recommending it today.

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